Where are your clothes made?


Revolution Tailors manufactures its clothing in partnership with tailors in Thailand and China. 

How much do your clothes cost?


Our clothing costs are equivalent to the costs we bear of materials, tailoring, and transportation. 

Do you have upcharges?


Your clothing costs exactly what it costs for us to make them. If you want a monogram, it will cost you what it costs us. If you want a special button, it will cost you what it costs us. If you want a premium fabric, it will cost you what it costs us. 


No, you don't! BUT, we are going to have to charge you our non-member retail prices. Trust us, it's a much better deal to become a member. 

Do I have to be a member to buy from you?

Do you provide tailoring service or fit adjustments on clothing?


Your clothing will fit 15-25% better than clothing off the rack. If you want fit adjustments to your clothing on delivery, we can refer you to one of our partner tailors. However, tailoring and fit-adjustments are not included in our pricing. 

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