What Our Customers Say

I am thrilled with how my suit and shirts always turned out. I literally have strangers offering unsolicited compliments on how well dressed I am. This entire experience is Magical. It is doubtful I ever get clothes from somewhere else again.
— Ross B
My suits and shirts are on point every time I buy clothing from RT.
— Chris D
It’s awesome! There is no better way to shop.
— Jeff B.
I get to drink beers at Rev events and get cool ass clothes that I know are going to fit. What’s not to like?
— Brandon H.
REVOLUTION TAILORS IS AWESOME. Custom fit clothes, with thousands of choices and pricing that everyone can afford.

I have personally bought about 7 or 8 shirts, 2 full suits(awesome) and several pants. Everything fits and I give them an A+
— Joel S
For a fashion idiot like me, there is no better option.
— Ryan M
I’m 6’9” and can’t shop in stores. When Matt called to tell me he had a solution to my problem, I thought he was nuts. Well, he wasn’t. Revolution Tailors is the real deal.
— Mark K